Binders and Facilities

In every area of insurance business programmes, facilities and binders play an increasingly important role in providing efficient ways to provide and distribute products and services.


Sophisticated data and analytics enhance a broker's ability to match clients and portfolios to markets which helps to establish and then develop mutually profitable long-term relationships. In addition straight-through software solutions for premium, claim and risk bordereaux ensuring that all parties can monitor performance, a mechanism that helps maintain long-term efficiency and competitiveness.

Howden Specialty's expertise in the development of large programmes for clients includes Bowood, one of the world's leading binding authority brokers.

Clients range from large public entities, associations and affinity groups to insurance brokers across the world. Each programme, facility or binder is designed to meet specific client brief and can cover almost every area of insurance. To discuss requirements in more detail, or find out more about our capabilities, speak to our contact.


Stephen Greener
Stephen Greener Managing Director - Bowood, Delegated Authority


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